April 19, 2021, Boca Raton, FL

Leading insurance technology company signs lease for newest office location; Promotes greater flexibility and quality of life for employees in a post pandemic era

FJA, the insurance technology company, has announced that it has signed a lease for a new office space located at 5295 Town Center Road in Boca Raton. With a new hybrid work strategy of remote work plus an appealing and collaborative office space, FJA is committed to developing a business ecosystem that allows for the greatest flexibility for workers, promoting quality-of-life in areas people want to live and go to an office to work with their peers.

By targeting high-growth areas for technology, and population, FJA affirms its position as human-focused— a value at the heart of insurance. This will be the third office location for FJA and demonstrates the company’s commitment for location as a key component to a healthy work-life balance. Its other office locations include: Denver, with skiing and outdoor activities; New York City, with culture and nightlife; and now, South Florida.

“While companies are no longer confined by geography when recruiting key employees and remote work has fostered an improvement with employee loyalty – hybrid working models combine the best of both worlds – remote working options combined with a collaborative office environment in a fantastic location,” CEO Marc Dutton explains. “South Florida was an attractive location for us as part of our growth strategy because it offers many benefits including a talented and experienced workforce that directly aligns with FJA’s brand.”

As COVID-19 wanes and the post-pandemic era ushers in, FJA’s hybrid office space will be an Engagement Center, designed to retain and attract talent who desire to come together for collaboration and innovation. The design will include floor-to-ceiling windows, modern seating with sit/stand options, large “war” rooms, and café-style communal tables that will serve to inspire communication while offering a fluidity demanded by the past year’s stay-at-home-orders.

The Engagement Center is scheduled to open in September 2021. Next month, FJA will be gradually re-opening offices in Denver and New York City on a limited capacity and volunteer basis.

Sabre Center
Sabre Center