About FJA

Since 1994, we have provided technology solutions for insurers across healthcare, life, and property & casualty. Our end-to-end, modular platform was designed by decades of deep industry expertise, mathematical acumen, and technological excellence.  A subsidiary of the msg group, we can leverage a powerful partnership network.

We're experts.

FJA has subject matter experts spanning actuarial, pricing, and Medicare claims.

We value relationships.

FJA relationships with customers and employees are time tested.

We're built to last.

FJA’s flexible, modular solutions combat current and future challenges.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients achieve operational efficiencies, increase competitiveness, and deliver positive experiences to their customers.

About msg insur:it

msg insur:it, the newly joined brand of msg life and msg nexinsure, is a leading provider of end-to-end IT insurance solutions in Europe and beyond. With 18 offices in over 8 countries, msg insur:it combines global expertise with localized presence. msg insur:it has set standards for digitalizing and innovating insurance processes since the 1980s. Its emphasis on mathematical expertise and decades of specialized insurance experience is unparalleled in the industry.