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CATRA - Complete, Accurate, Timely Risk Adjustment

CATRA – Transforming Risk Adjustment

CATRA Healthcare Suite - Complete, Accurate, Timely Risk Adjustment. Stop looking in the rearview mirror with…

FJA Award

FJA Awarded Top InsurTech Solutions Provider of 2023

FJA is thrilled to announce an esteemed award from CIO Applications. In a recent article, titled “The Efficient…

Sabre Center

FJA Sees New South Florida Engagement Center as the Future Hybrid Working Model

FJA, the insurance technology company, has announced that it has signed a lease for a new office space located at 5295…

Priorities for Insurers in a Post COVID-19 World

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way customer’s view, buy and assess the products they buy and insurance is no…

Top 10 Underwriting Solution Providers

Steering Insurers Ahead in the Digital Era

FJA was named one of the Top 10 Underwriting Solutions of 2020.

FJA The Insurance Technology Company

Build or Buy Software? How Insurance Companies Can Preserve Value

As a former management consultant I was often faced with the question: Build or buy? I would always first frame the…

FJA The Insurance Technology Company

Unleashing Latent Value in Group Insurance

Group Insurance companies find themselves surrounded by a rapidly evolving competitive playing field shaped by new…

FJA The Insurance Technology Company

FJA Adds Evidence of Insurability and Medical Underwriting

FJA is pleased to announce the addition of Evidence of Insurability (EOI) and Medical Underwriting components to its…