Product portfolio management & distribution

Product Machine Platform

FJA Product Machine Platform helps simplify operations, automate business processes, and drive connectivity across your organization.

  • Engineer products with easy-to-use table structure
  • Manage product portfolio and lifecycle with complementary product rules and guardrails
  • Provide product data from centralized repository through flexible APIs
  • Utilize version control for full traceability and auditing
  • Track activities across all aspects of the platform with configurable workflow
  • Integrate easily with other FJA solutions or enterprise applications

Build, manage and distribute complex insurance products with this cloud-enabled, modular platform and product repository.

Design, maintain & distribute plans

Product Builder

FJA Product Builder streamlines operations so you can manage all aspects of your benefit plan data to get to market quickly with confidence.

  • Manage benefit limits, rules, and coverages globally, in a single view
  • Capture key plan characteristics through highly configurable data elements
  • Update benefits across multiple plans simultaneously
  • Ensure detailed auditing and traceability of all updates and changes

Enable product & plan pricing

Rating & Pricing Engine

FJA Rating & Pricing Engine drives significant improvements in productivity and accuracy by automating your rating and pricing process and reducing risk exposure for individual, small group, and national accounts.

  • Build and manage product pricing model, and all pricing algorithms and formulas
  • Utilize rules-based guardrails to ensure appropriate actuarial guidelines
  • Allow for versioning of all pricing elements
  • Manage different algorithms, such as situs state variations
  • Maintain pricing outputs, including rates and premiums
  • Support all rate transactions including manual, experience, blending, backpacking, and sloping

Streamline & accelerate CMS filings

Submission Engine

FJA Submission Engine, in combination with Product Builder, streamlines and accelerates plan filings and ensures data consistency across your plan data and CMS filings.

  • Submit Medicare Advantage plans to CMS directly from Product Builder
  • Generate and submit filing materials automatically
  • Align CMS filings with enterprise-wide plan data
  • Generate Plans & Benefit Template for QHP filings directly from Product Builder

Power all underwriting operations in a single application

Underwriting Workbench

FJA Underwriting Workbench lets your team get back to the art of underwriting and focus on risk management instead of administrative and manual processes.

  • Intake and manage opportunities for new business, renewals, amendments, and other requests
  • Utilize configurable workflow management and smart workflow guides
  • Perform underwriting operations to set up opportunities for rating
  • Utilize pricing operations to rate and price cases appropriately, with options to rate separately or group together as a packaged price
  • Deliver a seamless user experience by integrating into upstream and downstream systems such as Salesforce and Case Installer, as well as Third-Party Risk Scores

Process life & disability member applications

Auto Adjudicator

FJA Auto Adjudicator delivers faster application turnaround and enables your underwriting team to focus their time and expertise where it matters the most.

  • Provide a user-friendly, web-based interface optimized for any device
  • Receive, process, and communicate decision status of applications via real-time integration with benefit administration partners
  • Drive rules-based, auto-decisioning of applications that don’t require underwriter review
  • Process applications via real-time integration with standard industry bureaus
  • Balance underwriter workload and automate application routing and escalation
  • Generate and transmit application invitations directly to members

Capture, maintain & expedite all aspects of group data

Case Installer

FJA Case Installer provides flexible configuration, drives efficient integration across multiple systems, and simplifies year-over-year renewals.

  • Enable flexible, structured configuration of group data
  • Utilize robust sub-grouping capabilities across all aspects of group data, such as eligibility, billing, and product offering categories
  • Integrate seamlessly with Product Builder for plan or policy association
  • Allow for precise version retrieval, retroactive changes, and audit controls with complete version and revision support
  • Support system integrations such as billing, customer service, and claims with Open API

Generate & manage documents

Doc Engine

FJA Doc Engine seamlessly integrates into your ecosystem to efficiently generate a wide range of document types, ensure compliance, and allow customization to meet your business needs.

  • Build and update templates in familiar technology such as Word or Excel
  • Integrate with multiple systems via API-enabled interfaces
  • Create mandated CMS documents such as SBC, EOC, ANOC
  • Generate custom documents including Benefit Summary and audit reports
  • Develop documents such as proposals, census and demographics summaries, rate exhibits, and customer letters, when integrated with Underwriting Workbench

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