NEW YORK, February 23, 2017

Senior Vice President of FJA and passionate healthcare innovator Joe Wilds will explore product definition as the future core of the health payer next week at a conference in Orlando, Florida.

On March 6th and 7th 2017, the World Congress will host their 9th Annual Health Plan Marketing Summit. This forum will serve as space for marketing, sales, and strategy professionals in the insurance industry to convene and discuss emergent trends and pathways to future success. And most of this starts with beating the competition.

“To differentiate yourself in a commoditized world and really start making changes in how you do business,” Wilds explains, “you have to refine and reshape your core.” As marketplace pressures shift towards the individual consumer, product and data management becomes critical in providing the flexibility and credibility and meet the demands of engagement and digitalization.

Joe Wilds carries nearly 20 years of experience in executive positions at Blue Cross Blue Shield to FJA’s industry-leading, product-centric platform, positioning him at the forefront of leadership and innovation.His seminar—over morning coffee—will allow industry professionals to identify: why healthcare must be redefined as product core; how financial and business models can support this new core; and finally, assess their own readiness towards moving to this future.

For more information on Wild’s key recommendations and conference highlights, follow along at FJA’s LinkedIn page. For conference attendance information and future events, please visit The World Congress.

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Christine Aletti, Communications