April 17, 2019, New York

FJA is pleased to announce the addition of Evidence of Insurability (EOI) and Medical Underwriting components to its Underwriting Workbench, part of Unified Product Platform. These new components leverage FJA’s industry experience and past implementations within the msg-life group.

“The collaboration to develop and launch these modules is truly a testament to the power of a global organization,” explains CEO Marc Dutton. “We are continually adding to our platform in order to best innovate for the future and anticipate the digitalizing marketplace.”

The extension of FJA’s Underwriting Workbench now provides Evidence of Insurability processing and automated underwriting across both health insurers and group insurers. Underwriters are provided with detailed information collected from multiple data sources to mitigate risk and make profitable decisions, while providing the best possible coverage to consumers. Comprehensive workflow support ensures that applications are processed in time and that drop-out rates remain low.

“We are giving insurers flexibility and decision support like never before. By taking care of the middle and back office, our vision is to provide an end-to-end platform that enables customers to focus on product differentiation and service, while the platform does all the rest,” SVP Joe Wilds states. “And with the world-class product modeling that FJA is known for, insurers can now expand their product lines to see business growth and increased profit.”

EOI will be used across individual product lines and/or Group voluntary buy-ups. It is currently being implemented by two Top 10 Insurers.

For more information:

Christine Aletti, Communications
+1 (720) 398-3681