Learn about the new CATRA Healthcare Suite at the upcoming Rise National Conference in Nashville on March 17-19th, 2024!

Meet Bryan Lee, VP Risk Solutions for FJA US, and set up an exclusive demo of the innovative CATRA Healthcare Suite Risk Adjustment solution.

CATRA Healthcare Suite - Complete, Accurate, Timely Risk Adjustment

Transforming Risk Adjustment

Stop looking in the rearview mirror with retrospective chart reviews

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Bryan Lee, VP Risk Solutions

CATRA Concurrent Review

Concurrent Review

  • Monitor KPIs and key production metrics by LOB, source & segment​
  • Real-time status and messages for each encounter/medical claim​
  • Solution discovery of issues through drill-down analysis​
CATRA Configurator


  • Self-serve configuration of workflow rules engine​
  • Table driven parameters powered by FJA’s Product Machine Platform
  • Tailor multi-conditional rules to organization’s specific needs​
CATRA Insights


  • Insights into every risk adjustment opportunity or gap​
  • Rollup reporting by LOB, member, provider group & disease segment​
  • Gap analysis and disease category monitoring ​
  • Leverage CCSR, DXI, CMS/HHS & State Medicaid Risk Models​
CATRA Modeler


  • Dynamically model new parameters and rules​
  • Test impact prior to rolling them out to live production​
  • Set base-line model to build off of​
  • Base install configured from Industry leading default parameters and rules​